Protection of High-Voltage Power Supplies from a Power Supply Manufacturer

Methods of High Voltage Power Supply There are various methods of protection when a facility utilizes high-voltage power supplies. Protection can include supplemental external protection circuitry or special power supply mounting procedures. It is equally important to consider input power ground return, signal ground return and high-voltage ground return connections. This should all be discussed with the power supply manufacturer who will be supplying... Read More

Forecast for Power Supply Manufacturers

Power Supply Manufacturers Estimated Growth 2012-2016 The market for merchant power supply manufacturers has not been growing as it was expected to in the 2nd half of last year due to the devastating economic state. Despite this, the industry was able to grow by six and a half percent. Although it did grow, this growth only fulfilled 2/3 of the estimated and projected growth that was expected for the 1st half of 2011. IMS Research that was recently... Read More