Power Supply Manufacturers and Device Energy Efficiency

Power Supply Manufacturers Definition of a Power Supply A power supply is generally defined as any supply of electrical power in a form suitable for operating an electronic device. This electricity may be derived either from ‘mains’ power in the form of Alternating Current (AC), or from a battery or other type of circuit in the form of Direct Current (DC). AC power is usually converted to DC power through a transformer to service various... Read More

Home Power Conservation from a Power Supply Manufacturer

As the cost of gas and other home utilities continue to rise, many are looking for different ways to conserve power at home. As professionals who understand the importance of effective and efficient power distribution, a power supply manufacturer can provide many different helpful hints when it comes to saving power at home, which will ultimately help a family save money. When a home is energy efficient, a home owner can save up to 40 percent in power... Read More