Advances in Electrical Power Systems for Portable Devices

Electrical Power Systems, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Recharges Smartphones The creation of a electrical power systems fuel cells that make electricity by producing hydrogen has been around for a long time. The creation of a fuel cell small enough and powerful enough to charge a smartphone was recently developed. Koyoto University, Japan-based Rohm and Aquafairy joined together and have recently released a portable hydrogen powered fuel cell that is very compact... Read More

Solar Panels How They have Improved for Electrical Power Systems

Electrical Power Systems 2012 Photovoltaics Report The electrical power systems ¬†information given here on solar panels being used in Europe comes from the 2012 Photovoltaics Status Report that was released on September 25, 2012, by the European Commission’s Joint Research Panel. The research done involved collecting data on power supply manufacturers, manufacturing, electrical power systems guidelines and practices involved in marketing solar... Read More