Importance Of Professional Help When Installing Transfer Switch Systems

Transfer Switch Systems are used for switching the source of electricity supply in a building from commercial power to a generator. They are an important part of the backup and emergency systems. If you are thinking of installing such as system in your business or residential area, it is very important to make sure that you find a qualified expert who will make sure that it is working properly. Do not rush into picking serviceman because these types of installations can be a significant investment.

For example, a friend of mine was starting a company a while back and he needed to install the transfer switch system so that he could operate all of the different tools that his business required. One mistake that he made was not giving a thorough look into the skill level of the person that he chose to install this system. After the system was installed, everything seemed to be working for short period of time until it started experiencing frequent breakdowns.

It became a matter of great concern to my friend when the system broke down just a few days after repairs had been done on it, mostly because he wasn’t sure exactly what was going on with the ‘new’ system that he had installed. He was spending a lot on repairs and the person that had installed the system was not helping him fix the problems. I told him that it might not be the system’s fault, but rather the quality of the transfer switch that they put in, since he had asked the repairman if he could find a cheaper option than the one he had originally suggested.

The professional they brought in determined that there were some faults in the way that the system had been installed, and some of the previous repairs had only made the situation worse. It didn’t help matters that the system was a cheap knockoff of an actual transfer switch system. The problems were affecting the system’s ability to switch from generator power to the power supplied by the electric company.

Finally, the expert realized that the problem was not in the way the switch was set up, or even in the way that the switch was transitioning power, but instead in the build quality of the switch, which wasn’t close to what he needed. Instead of working to try and repair the transfer switch system again, he instead went back to the original electrician who agreed to show him the model that he had originally recommended, that my friend decided not to use. This one was made by a company that his new electrician knew and trusted, and once installed worked perfectly for years.

When starting a company it can really hurt to cut corners, even on small things that you think don’t matter. Fortunately my friend figured out his problem quickly, eliminating a lot of hassle and potentially huge losses to his business because of the faulty transfer switch systems.