Solutions for Power Services for Data Centers

Providing the proper solutions for power services for data centers is becoming an ever-increasingly difficult issue for IT professionals and business owners alike. Blade servers have the ability to house more and more data critical to a business’ success. Employees now require Internet access throughout the entire workday. File sizes are ever increasing as what were once complex processes can now be completed simply on a typical business desktop computer with different types of art and design software. This means safe and reliable power services for data centers are all that much more important.

Safety and Power Services for Data Centers

An important part of the safe use of power services for data centers is the UPS (uninterrupted power supply). The UPS ensures that the IT staff will have valuable time to properly shut down all equipment in the data center in a proper order to avoid hardware damage due to a short circuit or loss of data.

In addition to having proper UPS equipment in place to protect hardware and software, it is also important to have proper cooling and ventilation systems in place. Equipment housed within data centers and server rooms today can generate enormous amounts of heat. As a result, having appropriate ventilation and cooling available and installed is important to keep equipment functioning properly. These are now considered “critical loads.”

Control Total Cost of Ownership of Power Services for Data Centers

Business owners are always concerned about a data center’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and it is always balanced with ensuring the data center has appropriate server equipment, backup systems, UPS, ventilation, and cooling systems for employees to work efficiently. Thankfully there are many new energy efficiencies to help control costs related to power services for data centers. For example, the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED), as well as other organizations, are making changes to traditional data center designs so businesses can save money, as well as conserve energy. The new mandates will ultimately lower the data center TCO.

While many lay-people may believe the actual costs associated with purchasing all the equipment for a data center may be the biggest TCO for a server room, but that is far from the cast. Some estimates of annual electricity consumption for a data center can be as much as four to five times the original equipment purchase cost. This is why it is so important to make sure all power services for data centers are examined to determine what is the best, and most efficient, service available and what makes the most sense for the server room or data center.