Switchboard Architecture

A switchboard is an important part of any electrical installation. It incorporates various devices designed to distribute electrical power, protect circuits and protect those charged with maintaining the switchboard as well as the facility?s electrical system. The lasting capabilities of the electrical use and efficiency of the facility will depend greatly on the switchboard’s ability to accommodate the facility’s future needs. Therefore, it is important to consider the facility’s potential future requirements when considering a new switchboard installation in an effort to avoid electrical issues down the road.

Switchboard Functions

The function of a switchboard can include installation architecture of multiple switchboards while maintaining safety best practices. A switchboard installation can be further broken down into components, busbars, connections and auxiliaries.

The switchboard architecture and design will need to adhere to standards that relate to the type of assembly required, such as an office location. By following these standards and best practices, quality, dependability and safety of the use of the switchboard is greater.

Switchboard Architecture Dependability

It is incredibly important that the customer’s or facility’s needs are well documented and understood prior to implementation of theswitchboard architecture. It is also important that the switchboard’s capacity is considered, safety and industry best practices are followed and the installation is well documented so if a failure occurs, configuration is easily understood so the repair can be completed properly and in a timely manner. If failure does occur, there should be a backup plan already in place so downtime can be kept to a minimum, while keeping everyone safe.

Switchboard Connections

A switchboard is made up of a large number of connections. This is why it is important to consider any failures they may cause. When a connection fails, it stops providing electrical power. Temperatures may rise which could cause damage to the device and its cables. Therefore, it is important to keep well-documented illustrations.

Switchboard Installation

It is important when developing a new switchboard architecture and planning for its installation, the business work with a company who has a long-standing successful history in this type of work. A switchboard’s installation is incredibly important when it comes to power disbursement and facility safety. Therefore, the company that will help with its installation should be well vetted prior to beginning the project.