Utility Cabinets for Protecting Vital Electrical Equipment

New configurations of electrical equipment in buildings are creating an area of opportunity for some electricians. With more compact requirements for electrical components, plus new methods of cooling computer systems, electricians and builders have to come up with solutions for protecting electrical equipment that doesn’t fit in standard made utility cabinets. The obvious solution would be to construct a custom sized utility cabinet for the specific job, but this has become a specialization and many of the tools and materials required to customize simply aren’t available to all builders and electricians.

The solution to the problem of non-standard electrical systems and customized utility cabinets has been solved by East Coast panelboard. While there are hundreds of other power systems and panelboard providers, East Coast has served the US for over a decade. Besides offering the standard utility boxes for typical electrical installations, East Coast offers custom design and fabrication for their customer’s specification. East Coast panelboard has essentially become the nation’s leading utility cabinet and panel board customizer. This specialization in electrical equipment storage fabrication also carries over to other industries as East Coast panelboard also manufacturers customized transfer panels for portable cell tower generators.

Electrical Utility Cabinets

The main use for electrical utility cabinets is the protection of vital electrical equipment from dust and temperature changes indoors as well as the elements outdoors. They also provide protection to employees and technicians from electrical shock. Most utility cabinets are created using new plastics, steel and aluminum however; customized cabinets can also be designed and fabricated using certain types of woods. Weatherproofing is one thing that should be considered when ordering a customized utility cabinet. So, when having your cabinet designed, make sure to include the types of environment that the cabinet will be subjected to in its normal course of a day.

Another consideration that many builders now have to include is the company’s disaster recovery plan. In placing utility cabinets, many are now required to be able to sustain immense temperatures from fire to give computer servers enough time to transfer data offsite in case of an emergency. There are cabinets that can be constructed that are able to withstand intense heat for up to three hours. When constructing new buildings, it is important to factor in that need if disaster recovery plans require it.

East Coast Power Systems is one company that is able to manufacture cabinets that can protect electrical and computer equipment during a fire. These cabinets keep computer and electrical equipment safe for a number of hours, giving the computers enough time to safely protect important data. In the past, several companies, despite having well-thought out disaster recovery plans, still lost months of digital work because of fires simply because their backup generators were not able to supply power because of damaged electrical equipment. A fire-resistant utility cabinet is one way in which to prevent that kind of data loss.