Camlocks (Camlock Enclosures, Generator Connection Cabinet, Tap Box)

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Offering customized camlock solutions for a variety of needs

East Coast Power Systems offers Camlock solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Generator access, back-up, and temporary coupling to a main power supply are safe and easily installable. All of East Coast’s Camlock enclosures are insulated from mechanical lugs for safety and meet or exceed UL standards. Camlocks are color coordinated and clearly marked for accurate connection sequencing adding to ease of installation. All copper bus is silver plated to ensure complete resistance from corrosion. Standard Camlock enclosures include Crouse-Hines Connectors, are all Nema rated, UL Listed, and CSA certified.

Custom options include but are not limited to Siemens UL listed switches, Crouse-Hines Posi-Lok Connectors, Quick Connect, Double Throw Safety Switches, and either single or dual breaker set-ups.

Applications and Industries Served

  • Emergency power generation interface and distribution.
  • Portable power generation interface for sports, entertainment, promotional and other special events.
  • Secondary power back-up and disaster recovery in critical industries, e.g. health-care, data centers.
  • Marine power supply interface.

Custom Camlock Enclosures

At East Coast Power Systems, we pride ourselves in high quality, custom manufacturing. If you have a project and would like to discuss next steps, give us a call. We are always available to help!

Using your existing service as a guide, figure out the power you really need with the help of your favorite local electrician, then have his distributor call ECP for a GDT. Our Generator Quick-Connect Double-Throw Safety Switches utilize Siemens UL listed switches and Crouse-Hinds Posi-Lok Connectors. ECP wires these components into a co-coordinated, easily installed package for your specialized installation.

Safety Switch Specs

  • 240 – 600 Volts
  • 1200 Amp Max
  • Nema 1, 3R, 12, 4X

Applicable For:

  • Safety Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Bolted Pressure Switches
  • ATS
  • Terminal Cabinets
  • Switchboards

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