Do You Have A Tap Box Story?

I am an amateur electrician and I have found that my friends are always coming to me when they have a major issue that needs solving. One day I was over at a friend’s house where he was doing some home remodeling, including electrical work. They had been running on 120V lines throughout the house for years, but with the addition of new technologies, including a 50 inch HDTV and various desktops, the tap box was constantly blowing fuses. His strategy... Read More

How We Fixed Our Panelboard Problem

I recently moved into my first apartment. I’m a college student and had always lived in the dormitories provided by the university, but decided this year to move out with two of my friends. We moved into a small apartment building with just eight apartments inside. It actually used to be an old house, but was converted and split up into separate units. A few months ago my friends and I were watching a college basketball game and suddenly, in the... Read More

How I Learned that Camlocks Do Matter

I was hired at a local company to perform general maintenance and ensure that everything was running properly. The company had been having some trouble with their electrical system. They would occasionally lose power or the lights would fade out and force their machinery to recalibrate each time. I was baffled at first, but then I realized that their camlocks were outdated. I knew very little about camlocks, but even I could tell that they were in... Read More

Our Power Supply Manufacturer Gave Us Peace of Mind

On many occasions, my husband and I have been watching a movie with our children or eating a meal together when suddenly there is hour or two without power. This was never a huge issue, but it was still a hassle. Recently however, my husband’s aging mother moved in because of her terminal condition. As a result she uses various medical appliances that helped her to breathe. We basically had a hospital room in the comfort of our own home, but if... Read More

Greg And The Utility Cabinet

Greg was very excited to land a job as an electrician in charge of maintenance. It was a dream come true having been interested in electrical matters from his childhood. His dream was to go back to school so that one day he would be promoted to chief electrician in charge of a number of business units. His current job was going very well. He was kept busy replacing old and worn out switches and also fixing power extensions whenever a new workstation... Read More

Tap Boxes – A Feasible Way To Managing Power Interruption

Living in a region that frequently experiences power supply problems is, unfortunately, not out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, surviving a whole week without any power outage, blackout or brownouts is a rarity. Some reasons that can be attributed to the unreliable power include demand exceeding supply, an aging electrical network, as well as simple weather problems. Because of these frequent outages we had to put in place a mechanism to combat... Read More

Importance Of Professional Help When Installing Transfer Switch Systems

Transfer Switch Systems are used for switching the source of electricity supply in a building from commercial power to a generator. They are an important part of the backup and emergency systems. If you are thinking of installing such as system in your business or residential area, it is very important to make sure that you find a qualified expert who will make sure that it is working properly. Do not rush into picking serviceman because these types... Read More

Maintaining Panelboards

Working in a control room of a TV station is exciting. The person on the desk gets to communicate with the news anchors that are live on air. There is rarely a dull moment when delivering live news bulletins. This rhythm was broken recently when out of nowhere the panelboard, which controls the studio equipment, short-circuited. Most people know panelboards as the electrical boxes that you only remember when a certain socket or light switch trips... Read More

Camlocks – How My Business Overcame An Unreliable Power Supply

Electricity may sometimes be unreliable, especially during stormy weather. In most cases, the supply of electricity becomes interrupted either from the distribution point or along the supply lines. Poor electrical systems also contribute to power failures. This interruption causes a lot of losses to businesses that depend on electricity for their operation, and can even cause large losses if things like refrigeration systems are interrupted. They... Read More

Are You Checking Your Switchgear Regularly?

Paul had been working as a chef in a casino cruise ship for quite some time now. He started this job almost ten years ago and it was a dream for him. Casino ships offer a very luxurious life to the staff and everyone seems to be in a good mood. With all the slot machines and other games, we require a lot of electricity. One day the machines were almost ruined due to the old power generator the boat was using. The manager didn’t understand much about... Read More

Of Camlocks And Men

When you’re a manager, you get to see some pretty strange things. In all of Ian Jackson’s career, the current conflict between Morgan, his accountant, and Frank, the electrical contractor, ranked as one of the most bizarre. He’d never before seen two guys arguing quite so enthusiastically over camlocks. Morgan, unfortunately, was being Morgan. The guy was pedantic; there was no doubt about it, and he had a particularly ponderous “checklist”... Read More

Power Supply Manufacturer To The Rescue

Mick Jones knew his limitations. He was an inventor and materials scientist, not a designer of electrical systems for industrial premises. The obvious problem was how to manage power supplies in the new assembly area. It was a pretty heartbreaking situation. Mick was having visions of his new baby, his assembly plant, going over budget in a dangerous way. He needed a power supply manufacturer. Mick’s problem was actually pretty basic, at least in... Read More

How To Talk Your Way Into Getting A New Panelboard

“It’s a fossil,” said Bob, referring to the venerable old panelboard with which he was working unenthusiastically. Bob was less than impressed to be working with a panelboard which looked like it had been designed by deranged dinosaurs. The problem was that the old panelboard, which had probably been great 30 years ago, before Bob was born, had absolutely nothing in common with modern electrical systems or power technologies. Irving, his fellow... Read More

A Tale Of Utility Cabinets

When you buy an older building, it’s like exploring a new world. It’s much more like exploring an alien planet, when you get around to exploring the electricity systems. In this particular building, the design motif was Flintstones-era systems, and as Barney rummaged around in the museum pieces, he was supposed to be maintaining, he was dreading his next inspection, some old utility cabinets. From what he’d seen of the building so far, he was... Read More

In Search Of Camlocks

Ed looked at his building manager warily. Alan was apparently a really nice guy, but there was absolutely no way that he was going to understand all the issues related to managing new power systems. The building was desperately in need of upgraded camlocks and power systems. Alan had hired him to check out the building electrical system. It was a comparatively new building which Alan’s company had just started managing. Somebody had definitely got... Read More

Give A Circuit Breaker A Break

There are basically two configurations for circuit breakers- Enclosed, and not enclosed. Michael was looking at a particularly shoddy collection of unenclosed circuit breakers. OK, they’re “easy to access”, but so are many other problems, he thought. The breakers were located near the building’s heavy vehicle entry point, which was open 24/7. Like all good electricians, he preferred not to have to worry whether the electrical systems he worked... Read More

The Switchgear Mystery

It seemed normal enough. A blown fuse. Jim had repaired about a billion blown fuses in his life, and this seemed no different. It was only when he saw his friends laughing their heads off that he realised something was wrong. His hair was standing straight up, literally vertical. Jim didn’t live that down for the rest of the week, until his friend Larry had the same problem working on a simple power point. Electricians may not be superstitious people,... Read More

How To Manage Power Supply Problems – The Tap Box And System Support Services

The Tap Box And System Support Services This scenario may be familiar to industrial and commercial managers: You have a modern business operating multiple streams of production and other operations including business systems. There’s a power supply problem. Power outages happen, doing some damage to your nerves as well as the business systems. At short notice, you’re expected to understand, manage, and find a fix a modern power supply system. You... Read More

What Are Electrical Utility Cabinets?

“Utility cabinet” is a very broad term, covering all types of housing for electrical systems components. Utility cabinets as a species may be indoor or outdoor, large, fridge size housings, or small, portable junction boxes. These cabinets form very useful parts of any power management system. Typically, they contain Transfer Switch Systems, emergency power control systems, and a range of other functions, depending on the layout of the power system... Read More

The Basics Of Transfer Switch Systems

Transfer switch systems are essentially used to transfer power from one source to another. Typically, they’re core parts of backup and emergency systems. They’re located at the heart of the power systems, enabling fast transfer of power between different power sources. Modern Transfer Switch Systems are very much part of standard system layouts in power system design. They can be tailored to a range of requirements, depending on the types of power... Read More

Enclosed Circuit Breakers – Why They’re So Important

Enclosed circuit breakers are major power system circuit breakers. These are very heavy duty, high power Circuit Breakers, designed to manage power fluctuations in major power systems. As the name suggests, they are enclosed, typically in secure cabinets, and they manage entire power systems. They’re too important to the power system to leave out in the open. They need to be protected against accidental impacts, malicious use, and atmospheric issues.... Read More

Camlocks – All-Purpose Power System Connections

If you don’t know much about camlocks, you’ve got a lot of company. These critical parts of power systems are almost unnoticed and unknown, unless you’re a professional electrician. Camlocks are used for managing power system connections between a power source, and the power system which distributes power to your business and operational systems. They come in a very wide range of sizes, shapes, and configurations, including customized designs... Read More

An Overview Of Modern Switchgear Usage

Switchgear is a very broad term, used to describe different types of switches used in electrical power systems. It can mean basic switches, safety switches, circuit breakers, fuses, and combinations thereof. Modern switchgear hardware has been significantly advanced in past years. Power system designs, including switchgear designs, have changed so much in recent years. They are still switches, but they now exist in far more complex environments. We’re... Read More

The Basics Of Panelboards

Panelboards are used in commercial power systems as control systems. Usually, there’s a panelboard for power, and a separate panelboard for lighting. Occasionally, you may see a panelboard that does both, in smaller systems. First and most importantly- a panelboard isn’t just a fuse box or a collection of on/off switches. It’s a much more highly evolved, better organized, control and safety system used to manage major power supply systems. This... Read More

Power Systems For Manufacturers – The New Era

In manufacturing, power costs, however you manage them, are a big issue. So are the efficiency of the power systems, safety certifications, repair, and maintenance. The good news for manufacturers is that modern power systems are very cost-friendly, in more ways than one. Primary issues for manufacturing power systems There are several issues related to manufacturing power systems which dictate the cost effectiveness of these systems: Design Power... Read More

East Coast Power Systems Camlock Solutions

East Coast Power Systems offers Camlock solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Temporary coupling to a main power supply is safe and easily installable as well as having generator access, and back up. For safety and to exceed UL standards the Camlock enclosures are insulated from mechanical lugs. The Camlocks are clearly marked for accurate connection sequencing adding to ease of installation and they are color coordinated. To... Read More

Ground Bars & Their Place in a Grounding System

A grounding system is a subset of your electrical system as a whole. It is comprised of several parts: A ground rod, wiring to connect the ground rod to a service panel or utility meter base grounding lug, and a ground bar. Its primary purpose is safety, with the goal being to have a path to dissipate a static discharge of voltage (such as lightening, for example) into the earth where it will be harmless. The reason that a designated path is necessary... Read More

The Basics of Switchgear

For those who don’t know, electrical switchgear (sometimes just called ‘switchgear’) is a fairly broad, generic term that includes a variety of switching devices used to protect your power system from overloads. By extension then, the definition could also include devices used to regulate, meter, and control your power system. You’ve seen switchgear before, even if you perhaps didn’t realize it. In a small scale, simplified form, that’s... Read More

Why You Should Opt For Camlocks From East Coast Power Systems

It’s no fun replacing expensive industrial assets. Therefore, getting camlocks and camlock enclosures are paramount to ensure the protection and safety of your valuable assets. Apart from reducing safety and security concerns, here are a few other reasons why you should get opt for camlock solutions from East Coast Power systems. Custom Designs Custom camlock designs are a rare commodity. However, East Coast Power Systems offer high quality,... Read More

Why Maintenance is Important on Panelboards

Panelboards are very important parts of our homes and buildings but we often don’t realize how much maintenance and attention they need. Often locked away in the attic or basement, this key component of the building’s electrical system is sometimes left there to gather dust for years before an electrical failing reminds us of its importance. But even if we never experience power failings in our homes, we need to pay attention to our panelboards,... Read More

Your Power Supply Manufacturer – An Important Strategic Partner

Choosing the right power supply manufacturer can make all the difference in the world in terms of the cost and quality of your services and, more critically, in terms of your ability to recover from data loss due to power interruption. Now, in some cases, depending on what business you’re in, a temporary loss of power can be little more than a minor inconvenience. Sure, it’s meddlesome when the lights go out, but it’s not the end of the world. For... Read More

Keeping Up With The Times – The Importance of Retrofitting

The pace of technological change is absolutely dizzying. Companies struggle to keep pace, and those who fail to do so, simply vanish. Depending on what business you’re in, keeping your company’s electrical systems up to par is essential for the survival of your business. If you only think about repairs and replacements when something breaks, you’ll likely spend more time than you’d care to thinking about electricity. Increasingly, our economy... Read More

Why We Need to Keep Power Services For Data Centers Optimized

As success for technological companies increasingly depends on the management and processing of enormous amounts of data, a closer look needs to be taken to the power services that support data centers and keep them functioning. Data centers are one of the biggest energy-consuming units in the world. They need huge power systems backing them. The proliferation of data as a solid source of information for decision makers means that the installment... Read More

Emergency Power Parts: The Camlock

If you are looking to install or maintain an emergency power system, there are a number of things you need to look out for when considering and reviewing your system. To begin with, emergency power systems are an integral part of any power system as they provide much needed support when normal power systems fail. Emergency generators are, however, often only used in commercial and industrial contexts – but it’s easy to see why. It is easy... Read More

Panelboards – What You Need To Know

Panelboards (also known as: fuse boxes, electrical panels, distribution boards, etc.) are in their most basic sense, the connection point between your supply of electricity and the things the electricity will power. You power supply will be separate into circuits which usually divide into the different areas of a building that are being powered, or with regards to specific electrical components that need power. panelboards come in a variety of different... Read More

Generator Connection Cabinets – Everything you need to know about Camlocks

Generator connection cabinets, or camlocks as they are also known (cams for short), are a crucial part of any emergency power supply system. This short article is meant to act as an introduction to help clear up what their main functions are and what to look out for if you encounter these, or need to service them. In the most basic sense, generator connection cabinets contain the connection points between what supplies electricity and what uses that... Read More

Ground Bars – What they are and what they are used for?

Ground bars are an essential electrical component used in current safety management. Essentially, they consist of specially designed bars made from current attracting materials that are then installed into the ground. When lightning strikes a building, the current will pass through conductive materials installed onto the building, and end up being grounded into the earth through the bars –usually located in specially pre-drilled holes. To fully... Read More

Emergency Power Supply and A Power Supply Manufacturer

There are many situations in which you may lose power unexpectedly. If this does happen, there are only two ways in which to regain power: hope it comes back on, or have a back-up plan. Emergency power supply is not only a great way to maintain power; it also means huge financial savings as well as the normal continuation of your business. No matter which power supply manufacturer you choose to set up your system, there is a wide variety to meet your... Read More

Emergency Power & Camlocks – For Your Business

Power is an integral part of any home or business. Like many people, power outages can be a real frustration and nuisance, but in many business and professional circumstances a lack of power can seriously damage you financially and may also be very dangerous. That is why you need camlocks. This short guide has been made to make you consider why a back-up option could be right for you and to clear up some of those technical questions from camlocks... Read More

Power Services and Data Centers – How to Reduce Costs

Data centers are a vital part of power services in today’s economy and workplace. The ability to process large amounts of information at once has gone from being an industry specialty to a commercial necessity. The Internet age in particular, has meant that companies must keep an eye on advances in technology and data processing as well as their overall business models. With the growth of available data, the interpretation and processing of this... Read More

Knowing the Basics: Switchgear

Switchgear represents an integral part of any electrical power system as well as an important safety feature. Switchgear has undergone huge transformations from their earliest and far more rudimentary appearance, to the far more complicated and technical devices we see today. Nevertheless, the main purpose of switchgear remains the same – to control the flow of electricity. Previously, switchgear was operated manually by knife switches. These could... Read More

Camlocks – The Basics

Camlocks are an integral part of any emergency power generation as they serve to help move currents to where they are needed. The use and implementation of cams varies from country to country and are used more in some places than others. With a large array of colors, extra care should be taken when looking at your own system. Not having the adequate connections in place generally causes more problems than the generator was intended to solve. For these... Read More

Utility Cabinets and Commercial Metering

While all residential, industrial and commercial locations are metered for various utilities, commercial and industrial settings are much more complex than a simple home meter installation and setup. As a result, the utility cabinets that will be utilized in those locations are much different and more complex in a commercial or industrial setting as opposed to a residential setting. Commercial Utility Cabinets The location of commercial or industrial... Read More

Docking Stations – Benefits Explained

If you are a business that can’t stand to be without power long, you should always think about the best and most cost-effective way you can service your needs should complications arise. Docking stations are a great investment for your business. Although back-up power generators are a popular option, they may not always be ideally suited to you due to financial or space constraints. For these reasons, many companies often opt for power docking stations... Read More

Tips on Choosing Power Supply Manufacturers

Power supply manufacturers build portable generators, and devices that work like portable generators to supply electrical power to your home or office when the normal energy source is disrupted. In other words, when the power goes out, these items kick in and create electricity for you. The manufacturers that design, and build these portable electric stations, all work very hard to create reliable products. Power Supply Manufacturers The biggest tip... Read More

The Pressure Switch as a Safety Mechanism

Workplace health and safety is ever more prominent in many industrial workplaces with risk assessments and safety seminars being regular occurrences in most companies and governmental organizations. There are also many different safety mechanisms within these workspaces, which help to ensure personnel protection by reducing or eliminating hazards. One often unnoticed safety device in many workplaces is the ‘pressure switch‘. A traditional... Read More

Tips from a Power Supply Manufacturer: How to Develop an Electrical Maintenance Program

Electrical control and distribution systems are not only complicated but very expensive assets that require effective maintenance in order to ensure peak performance over their operative life. It is not unusual to find businesses spend significant effort to manage mechanical assets, with very little focus spent on electrical equipment. The rationale for this concentration (or lack) of resources is plentiful, but does not, as per leading power supply... Read More

What Do Power Supply Manufacturers Do?

The use of computers is very common in home and work life. Considering this, the power supply is the most essential part of the computer. This piece is what runs the computer, and if something happens to it the computer is basically out of service. Understanding what power supply manufacturers do helps not only to know what hardware is needed, but how they intend the Power Supply Manufacturer to work. Power Supply Manufacturers Personal Computers... Read More

Camlock Generator Cabinets

Once an afterthought…now a necessity and requirement. Generator Cabinets are an easy and convenient portable or emergency backup power connection that can be used in a variety of circumstances. Cabinets are either wall or pad mounted outside of the building and wired to the business’s transfer switch and main breaker. Once mounted, a portable generator can be connected to the installed Camlock Cabinet for quicker and safer emergency backup power... Read More

What is an OEM Power Supply Manufacturer?

Just about every product today requires some type of power supply. From computers to major pieces of machinery, power supplies are an incredibly important part in any piece of equipment. Depending on the type of product a company provides, they may use an OEM Power Supply Manufacturer to help meet ongoing demand. What is an OEM? An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufactures products or components that are purchased by a company and retailed... Read More

Things to Know About Electrical Power Systems

A network of electrical components hooked together, and used to supply, or transmit, electricity to a designated device or area is the definition of electrical power systems. There are large networks that provide electricity for large regions that are known as a grid. The grid can then be divided into the different generators that supply the actual current. Electrical Power Systems and Grids On the large electrical power systems, it takes generators... Read More

What Types of Power Supplies can a Power Supply Manufacturer Provide?

Maintaining and managing a facility’s or plant’s electrical system can be incredibly complicated. It is important that the right parts and equipment are used throughout the system to ensure the electrical system’s safe use. One of the most important parts of both industrial equipment and the electrical system as a whole is the power supply. The type of power supply needed can vary greatly depending on the use and voltage requirements... Read More

Anniversary of Sandy at East Coast Power

The one-year anniversary of “Superstorm Sandy” on October 29, 2013, was cause for many New York and New Jersey residents, businesses, and other organizations to reflect on this historic Storm and its aftermath. All of these individuals, families, and businesses have shown a remarkable amount of strength and resiliency throughout the duration of the past year. Most are taking a moment to step back and remember the traumatic events that occurred... Read More

What Makes Ground Bars Important?

If you think that lightning never strikes twice then you are wrong. Lightning actually strikes over a quarter a million times per year. These lightning strikes cost hundreds of people millions of dollars as a result of damage done to their property and bodily injuries. To prove it further, according to reports, insurance claims resulting from lightning have been increased by twenty percent throughout the last 3 years. The total insurance claims resulting... Read More

Tips From a Power Supply Manufacturer For Putting Up Holiday Lights Outdoors

Decorate the outside of your home for the holidays! When you are putting up holiday lights and decorations in front of your home, make sure to follow tips and suggestions from a Power Supply Manufacturer for safety. Prepare for putting up your holiday lights by gathering the equipment you will need and then following the proper safety guidelines for installing them. Preparation Suggestions From a Power Supply Manufacturer Before beginning to decorate,... Read More

Cheap, Reliable and Convenient Emergency Power with Tap Boxes

Tap Boxes In areas that experience extreme weather conditions, power outages are relatively common. Such power failures can be catastrophic for any industry, as closures during crucial business hours can severely cut into the bottom line. As a business owner, it’s important to have a contingency plan in place. Permanent diesel or natural gas generators are the solutions that come to mind to most people, however they are also often prohibitively... Read More

What are Industrial Circuit Breakers Anyway?

Industrial circuit breakers are often utilized in just about every piece of manufacturing machinery today. The use of industrial circuit breakers has been more widely adapted since the mid 1990′s. According to a report by the Electricity Commission, people have become more aware of power fluctuation issues and the potential safety issues they can cause. Industrial circuit breakers Short circuits are considered a fluctuation or damage in the... Read More

What to Look for When Ordering Ground Bars

Ground bars are used to protect people and equipment during inclement weather such as thunder and lightning storms. They provide protection from high voltage electrical shocks. Utility companies and telecommunication companies use ground bars to prevent damage caused by electrical storms. Proper grounding is essential and must pass all NEC regulations during a construction project. Copper, galvanized steel and stainless steel are used in the manufacturing... Read More

Understanding Motor Control Centers

Every electric motor will have a controller. The motor controller will have various options that will depend on the task that the motor will performing. A motor controller is a device that serves to oversee the performance of an electric motor. The purpose of a motor control center is very straightforward. It is a large enclosure specifically used to house standard motor control equipment. The motor controls are contained in plug-in units. A manual... Read More

What is an Electrical Systems Company?

Actually, there are different companies that can be defined as an electrical systems company. The company that supplies your town with the voltage it needs for all of the businesses, and residences to have electrical power, is one type of company. The other type would be the company that designs, and manufacturers all of the different components required to create, and maintain one of these networks. Electrical Systems Company Most of the time, to... Read More

The Role of Utility Cabinets in Electrical Component Protection

Utility cabinets are one of the often forgotten components when it comes to electrical systems, with technicians generally focusing on the importance of internal components and omitting the external protective and structural mechanisms. The external support that utility cabinets provide however, is imperative regarding the efficient and safe operation of the entire electrical system. A utility cabinet is usually defined as a protective casing that... Read More

The Right Ground Bars and Efficiency Components such as Blade Servers on Productivity

Ground Bars Over the last decade there has been an increasing emphasis placed on the amount of energy consumed by IT data centers. Experts have estimated that in the Unites States alone over 450 million dollars is spent on powering data facilities every year. This has resulted in a large amount criticism from environmental groups regarding the carbon emissions caused by producing this amount of energy, with numerous factions labeling the current increasing... Read More

Using a Power Supply Manufacturer to Increase Energy Efficiency of Data Centers within Computing ‘Clouds’

Power supply manufacturers need cloud computing, which is one of the latest technological advances in the Information Technology (IT) industry, is based around the concept of user access to applications or data via an information “Cloud”, which may be achieved regardless of the users’ locality. Essentially, clouds are a series of data centers in various geographical locations, made up of basic physical components such as servers... Read More

What is an Intelligent Switchgear Power System?

Most of us are unaware of how complex and intricate an electrical system really is. In addition, if you asked any common lay person what a switchgear power system is, most of their faces would be as blank as an empty page. Yet, we all depend on the wonders of electricity. It simply powers our life. From our homes, to our cars, to our gadgets, and to our jobs – we’re addicted to it. Don’t believe us? What happens when there’s... Read More

What to Look for When Ordering Ground Bars

Ground bars are used to protect people and equipment during inclement weather such as thunder and lightning storms. They provide protection from high voltage electrical shocks. Utility companies and telecommunication companies use ground bars to prevent damage caused by electrical storms. Proper grounding is essential and must pass all NEC regulations during a construction project. Copper, galvanized steel and stainless steel are used in the manufacturing... Read More

Transformer-Based vs. Transformer-less Power Supplies and Selecting a Power Supply Manufacturer

Deciding between a transformer-based or transformer-less uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a major decision, especially above 10kVA. Both technologies are important in providing power protection, but there are major differences. Selecting a Power Supply Manufacturer that can both manufacture, as well as provide after-sale guidance on these two technologies, is just as important as deciding on which of these two UPS technologies makes the most... Read More

Types of Electrical Power Systems in Factories

When it comes to electrical power systems for factories, it becomes very complicated. This is due to the fact that each factory has its own required setup. Of course, they all have one thing in common, they all need lights. Some need office spaces for employees and others would need a Wi-Fi system in order to account for the entire inventory. Others are much more complicated if they need a heavy, industrial equipment that has special requirements.... Read More

Utility Cabinets for Protecting Vital Electrical Equipment

New configurations of electrical equipment in buildings are creating an area of opportunity for some electricians. With more compact requirements for electrical components, plus new methods of cooling computer systems, electricians and builders have to come up with solutions for protecting electrical equipment that doesn’t fit in standard made utility cabinets. The obvious solution would be to construct a custom sized utility cabinet for the... Read More

The Need for Industrial Circuit Breakers

circuit breakers are used in both residential and non-residential applications. While many are familiar with residential Circuit Breakers, industrial circuit breakers serve an entirely different need. Circuit breakers are automatically-operated switches to protect the electrical circuit from damage. Regardless of the application, circuit breakers are always part of an important electrical safety plan. What is a circuit breaker? Circuit breakers are... Read More

Cam Locks Explained

Cam Locks, or ‘cams’ for short are interchangeable connectors used in the electrical industry for temporary electrical power distribution and production. Not to be confused with the cam locks used in furniture construction, climbing or fluid connection, the most common form of this electrical component is the 16 series, with 105°C terminations and a 400 ampere rating. The 15 series is also in common use, with a rating of 150 amperes and nicknamed... Read More

Why Ground Bars are Important

Proper bonding is essential to create an equipotential plane between service grounds and equipment during fault and transient conditions. This plane provides just about no voltage differential and works to protect both people and equipment. The most popular bonding product used today is the ground bar. Because the need for ground bars can vary widely, in addition to purchasing “standard” sizes, often companies order ground bars in custom... Read More

When a Switchboard is Necessary to Use

The switchboard has become an essential part of our lives as it serves many needs and is used in many applications. There is one for telecommunications and phone related needs, but also those that are used for electrical needs. The switchboard that is used in a power supply system is called the electric switchboard and lastly there is also one that is used in computing which is called framework. Each of these switchboards are necessary for their assigned... Read More

What are Molded Case Industrial Circuit Breakers?

If the power goes out in a building, all someone has to do is flip a switch to have the power turned back on if industrial circuit breakers are used. Overloads and short circuits in conductors are protected against with the help of molded case industrial circuit breakers. What are Molded Case Industrial Circuit Breakers? Molded case industrial circuit breakers are like regular circuit breakers, but they are more universal and used when there is a... Read More

UPS Issues Found to be Leading Cause of Issues with Power Services for Data Centers

Issues with UPS equipment and configuration issues are atop the most frequently cited reasons of outages in power services for data centers, according to a survey of more than 450 data center professionals. The study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, also highlighted issues between data center staff and company executives regarding uptime readiness. The National Survey on Data Center Outages surveyed 453 data center staff members in the U.S. who... Read More

Uses for Industrial or Commercial Utility Cabinets

When an individual or private consumer thinks of or needs to purchase utility cabinets, they usually think of storage space for their laundry room or garage. Utility cabinets that are utilized in a commercial or industrial setting, however, are very different and must meet much more specific needs and industry standards. Commercial and Industrial Utility Cabinets Commercial and industrial utility cabinets can be utilized in a variety of different... Read More

Three Things You May Not Know About a Power Supply Manufacturer

There are three important things that a buyer should know when purchasing from a Power Supply Manufacturer. First, a buyer should be kept up-to-date regarding news and alerts on products. Second, if the buyer is purchasing in bulk then there are deals and discounts that a manufacturer can offer. Third, the worry and stress of finding a company to modify and repair products can be alleviated because power supply manufacturers supply as well as repair... Read More

Why Ground Bars Are Essential for Business & Home Lightening Protection

“Lightening never strikes in the same place twice.” But for insurers, it strikes over 250,000 times per year, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. In fact, according to the Lightening Protection Corporation, the cost of homeowners’ claims due to lightening strikes have increased dramatically – up 20% over the last three years (or a total of $882 million in insured losses). How can this be prevented? Lightening... Read More

The Role of Low Voltage Industrial Circuit Breakers in Enduring Personnel Safety

Unsafe workplace conditions’ regarding electrical and industrial workers is an issue that has recently been thrust into the spotlight. This is due to ever increasing media and expert criticism regarding the number of injuries and deaths every year from electrical accidents in industrial environments. It was found in the United States in 2008 alone that over 2000 people were injured from electrical faults such as electrical arcing. Electrical... Read More

Understanding Power Services for Data Centers

When planning the construction of a data center regardless of business size, there are many different factors that need to be considered. Quite possibly one of the most important considerations, however, is understanding the options of power services for data centers. How Power Services for Data Centers Differ from Standard Power Services Providing an appropriate level of power services for data centers is often the most expensive aspect to building... Read More

Using Customized Ground Bars

Ground bars are thick bars that are used to ground electrical installations primarily of telecommunication nature. Ground bars can be made of copper, tin, steel or even alloys of any of these metals. Either ground bars or bonding bars are used to create an equi-potential plane service grounds and equipment during fault and transient conditions thus protecting the people and the equipment during the events. This variation in material component is what... Read More

Will Cloud Computing Positively Have Switchboard Effect on Data Center Energy Consumption?

Cloud computing is the latest trend to rock the IT world, with large international internet service providers scrambling to secure their position in this developing sector. The consequent fervor caused by cloud computing has resulted in the emergence of numerous studies, papers, blogs, threads and discussions, which applaud the switchboard effect that cloud computing will have on the energy utilization of data centers. Research such as that undertaken... Read More

What are Panelboards for Data Centers?

Power is an essential, as well as an incredibly complex and potentially dangerous, part of every data center. One item housed within every data center is a panelboard. It is important for anyone involved in maintaining and servicing a data center understands what panelboards for data centers are and how they interact with all the other equipment within the data center. Panelboards for Data Centers At its simplest definition, panelboards are a component... Read More

Understanding Miniature Industrial Circuit Breakers

Miniature industrial circuit breakers provide protection against excessive temperature increases of electric items in the case of over-currents that are caused by an overload or short circuit. Why Use Miniature Industrial circuit breakers? Miniature industrial Circuit Breakers are for operating a variety of different voltage levels. Often Type C and Type D miniature industrial circuit breakers are specifically for industrial use. They can be used... Read More

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and Panelboards for Data Centers

Over time, panelboards have changed from a simple housing that is an assembly of fuses, switches and circuit breakers to the utilization of supporting a variety of different complex electrical equipment. Today’s panelboard designs support a variety of electrical supply systems with over current protections for many short-circuit capabilities, resulting in a complex marking system. Underwriter Laboratories Inc. plays an important role in the... Read More

Understanding the Need for Industrial Utility Cabinets

There are a variety of uses for industrial utility cabinets in a plant or other commercial setting. It is not only important to identify the specific needs for the utility cabinet prior to purchase, but to also ensure that the utility cabinets under consideration can stand up to the required day-to-day use, depending on its location. Uses for Industrial Utility Cabinets Industrial utility cabinets can meet a variety of needs for a plant, commercial... Read More

Types of Service to Expect from Power Supply Manufacturers

When you have purchased something numerous times, or have patronized a business several times, then you know what type of service to expect. In general, the majority of car mechanics give about the same type of service. On average you can expect the same service from the different insurance agencies, and doctors. If you have never had to purchase something from power supply manufacturers, then you do not know what kind of service is customary, and... Read More

The Role of an Electric Switchboard in Power Flow

Electrical power systems work as power is sent from the utility provider which then in line moves through an electric switchboard. That switchboards then relays the electricity throughout a number of circuits. The power is then moved to feeders and then distributed to locations throughout the reach of the power grid. An electric switchboard is an electrical device that distributes electricity from one electrical source to another electrical source.... Read More

Why Are Ground Bars Customized?

Ground bars are bars made of stainless steel, copper or galvanized steel. They are bars that aim to protect residents and their different equipment during bad weather conditions such as lighting and thunder storms as they protect them from the electric shocks of high voltage that could seriously damage home appliances and equipment. They are used in residencies as well as telecommunication firms and utility facilities. What is the basis of choosing... Read More

Working with a Welding Power Supply Manufacturer

Power supplies utilized in welding work are unique to that specific field. When power supplies for welding are required, it is important to work with a Power Supply Manufacturer who understands and can fulfill this specific type of power supply need. What is a Welding Power Supply A welding power supply is a device that provides an electric current to perform welding. Unlike other standard pieces of equipment, welding requires a very high current... Read More

Understanding Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers for Data Centers

Data centers and server rooms are both a critical and complex part of every business around the world. Regardless of the type of business today, when a server or system goes down, it can both disrupt day-to-day work by employees, as well as cost the business large amounts of money. As a result, medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers for data centers are becoming increasingly important in server room operations. Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers... Read More

Three Basic Maintenance Strategies for a Bolted Pressure Switch

Bolted Pressure switches are found in many industrial complexes. They are often considered to be a valuable, cost effective solution for the industrial plant’s electrical infrastructure – particularly with regards to circuit protection and electrical system isolation. The bolted pressure switch can provide years of reliable service as long as the appropriate preventative maintenance is diligently performed. Unlike a circuit breaker, a... Read More

The Importance of Panelboards in Data Centers

Power is an essential part of data center operation with the electricity usage costs regarding such facilities having doubled in the period from 2000 to 2006; contemporarily there are no signs of this trend slowing. Power is not only expensive for data centers; it can also be extremely problematic. Equipment housed in data installations such as computers, servers and storage devices are extremely sensitive to unexpected changes in electrical voltage,... Read More

Working with a Power Supply Manufacturer for Voltage Regulator Design and Manufacturing

A voltage regulator is a specialized part that works to maintain constant voltages. This is incredibly important from a safety aspect for both a piece of equipment as well as a plant’s electrical system as a whole. When voltage regulators need to be manufactured, they should be designed and built by an experienced power supply manufacturer. What is a Voltage Regulator? A voltage regulator is an electrical control device that works to maintain... Read More

What are Molded Case Industrial Circuit Breakers?

If the power goes out in a building, all someone has to do is flip a switch to have the power turned back on if industrial circuit breakers are used. Overloads and short circuits in conductors are protected against with the help of molded case industrial circuit breakers. What are Molded Case Industrial Circuit Breakers? Molded case industrial circuit breakers regular circuit breakers, but they are more universal and used when there is a larger power... Read More

The Importance of Ground Bars in Telecommunications Facilities

Grounding and bonding are integral parts of the design of any facilities containing ‘mains’ powered electrical equipment. This is owing to the fact that properly grounding a facility provides a conducting connection between an electrical circuit or equipment and the earth. Such a connection protects both equipment and personnel from damaging surge voltages, which can occur due to various unexpected electrical events. A growing demand for... Read More

Upgrading Existing Breakers for Data Centers and its Effect on Energy Efficiency

No one is protected from the rapidly increasing pace of technological advancement and data centers are no exception. Recent research carried out by The Aperture Research Institute (ARI) (2007) showed that over a third of data centers were more that 4 years old. It is therefore not surprising that many center managers are dealing with an increasing internal and external demand concerning an update of equipment like breakers for data centers in their... Read More

Understanding the Importance of a Bolted Pressure Switch

Bolted pressure switches are often installed as the main disconnect for various types of facilities throughout the nation. Bolted pressure switches are usually easy to identify by its long operating handle that compresses the operating mechanism spring. In an electrical circuit, a bolted pressure switch is a knife-blade style switch that has jaws. The knife blades fit under heavy pressure when the switch is closed. The pressure assures a low-resident... Read More

What Are Ground Bars Made of?

Ground bars are manufactured in a number of different materials and can be custom created to meet customer specifications. They materials that are used for the ground bar determines the type of location in which it should be used. Corrosion resistant equipment is best used in outdoor locations or areas where rusting poses a problem. Other customizations are possible, but the materials that are used for the equipment is generally that which is most... Read More

Upgrading Power and Panelboards for Data Centers

Many data centers built before 2001 are likely no longer able to properly power and cool their IT systems. According to recent statistics, today’s data centers and server rooms consume up to 30 times more energy per square foot than an “average” office building. And that number will continue to climb as more and more companies have their own data centers and server rooms. Many business owners report their biggest hurdle to expansion... Read More

The Importance of a Dependable Power Supply Manufacturers

Having a dependable power supply or an electrical generator can prove to be vital for both residential and commercial buildings. Although it can be used in residential buildings it plays a bigger role in commercial buildings. This is due to the fact that these buildings must have a separate and a backup electricity source other than the main power supply source. Facilities like labs, medical buildings and factories need it the most since they canít... Read More