Lighting Control Panels

A lighting control panel is often defined as an assembly of a standard arrangement of two or more components, such as motor controllers and circuit breakers and related control devices, such as times and switches with necessary wiring, terminal blocks and pilot lights. Lighting Control Panels can be pre-configured or custom built, based on need. Through the utilization of lighting control panels, space can be recovered as well as energy usage reduced. Ultimately, lighting control panels can save money, save space and address environmental concerns.

Utilizing Lighting Control Panels

Lighting control panels allows engineers and end users alike to install and configure a panel and necessary breakers into their electrical applications. Through the utilization of lighting control panels energy costs can be reduced by creating automated lighting schedules, such as through the use of motion sensors in office space.

Lighting control panels are often designed and tested to provide power distribution in the most efficient manner possible. This is why it is essential to work with a company that has extensive knowledge in lighting control panel equipment, installation and usage.

Depending on the type of application, the type of lighting control panel will vary. It is important that the lighting control panels under consideration both meet current and potential future needs of the specific application. Another consideration is always cost; however, when it comes to electrical and power products, the least expensive solution is not necessarily the best solution. It is important that the business take into account the safety needs of the business as well as the customer service and support of the company that will provide the lighting control panels, in addition to the costs involved. Ultimately, the light control panels should be efficient as well as scalable.

Deciding on the proper usage and installation of lighting control panels is a major decision for a company. The lighting control panels will play a key role in a company’s electrical supply plan, as well as the company’s budget. Safety and scalability should also be a prime concern, which is why the company should select an experienced electrical services and supply company.