Greg And The Utility Cabinet

Greg was very excited to land a job as an electrician in charge of maintenance. It was a dream come true having been interested in electrical matters from his childhood. His dream was to go back to school so that one day he would be promoted to chief electrician in charge of a number of business units. His current job was going very well. He was kept busy replacing old and worn out switches and also fixing power extensions whenever a new workstation... Read More

A Tale Of Utility Cabinets

When you buy an older building, it’s like exploring a new world. It’s much more like exploring an alien planet, when you get around to exploring the electricity systems. In this particular building, the design motif was Flintstones-era systems, and as Barney rummaged around in the museum pieces, he was supposed to be maintaining, he was dreading his next inspection, some old utility cabinets. From what he’d seen of the building so far, he was... Read More

What Are Electrical Utility Cabinets?

“Utility cabinet” is a very broad term, covering all types of housing for electrical systems components. Utility cabinets as a species may be indoor or outdoor, large, fridge size housings, or small, portable junction boxes. These cabinets form very useful parts of any power management system. Typically, they contain Transfer Switch Systems, emergency power control systems, and a range of other functions, depending on the layout of the power system... Read More

Utility Cabinets and Commercial Metering

While all residential, industrial and commercial locations are metered for various utilities, commercial and industrial settings are much more complex than a simple home meter installation and setup. As a result, the utility cabinets that will be utilized in those locations are much different and more complex in a commercial or industrial setting as opposed to a residential setting. Commercial Utility Cabinets The location of commercial or industrial... Read More

The Role of Utility Cabinets in Electrical Component Protection

Utility cabinets are one of the often forgotten components when it comes to electrical systems, with technicians generally focusing on the importance of internal components and omitting the external protective and structural mechanisms. The external support that utility cabinets provide however, is imperative regarding the efficient and safe operation of the entire electrical system. A utility cabinet is usually defined as a protective casing that... Read More

Utility Cabinets for Protecting Vital Electrical Equipment

New configurations of electrical equipment in buildings are creating an area of opportunity for some electricians. With more compact requirements for electrical components, plus new methods of cooling computer systems, electricians and builders have to come up with solutions for protecting electrical equipment that doesn’t fit in standard made utility cabinets. The obvious solution would be to construct a custom sized utility cabinet for the... Read More

Uses for Industrial or Commercial Utility Cabinets

When an individual or private consumer thinks of or needs to purchase utility cabinets, they usually think of storage space for their laundry room or garage. Utility cabinets that are utilized in a commercial or industrial setting, however, are very different and must meet much more specific needs and industry standards. Commercial and Industrial Utility Cabinets Commercial and industrial utility cabinets can be utilized in a variety of different... Read More

Understanding the Need for Industrial Utility Cabinets

There are a variety of uses for industrial utility cabinets in a plant or other commercial setting. It is not only important to identify the specific needs for the utility cabinet prior to purchase, but to also ensure that the utility cabinets under consideration can stand up to the required day-to-day use, depending on its location. Uses for Industrial Utility Cabinets Industrial utility cabinets can meet a variety of needs for a plant, commercial... Read More

The Unseen Role of Utility Cabinets Regarding Switchgear Power System Security and Safety

In order for electrical energy to be transferred from coal, nuclear or renewable energy power stations and reach the appropriate residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructural utilization, it must first pass through numerous different control and regulation locations. Some of these various locations are high, medium and low voltage switchgear power systems. In one of their three forms switchgear systems exist along the entirety of the electricity... Read More

Power Supply Manufacturer Products and Services

Power supply manufacturers provide a wide variety of products and services for customers. Power companies offer utility solutions for commercial and noncommercial clientele. If the standard products do not fit what the customer needs then custom products can be made my most power supply manufacturers. Power supply manufacturers are available to give the best service to its customers. Products sold by Power Supply Manufacturers Power supply manufacturers... Read More

Purchasing Custom Manufactured Utility Cabinets

Utility Cabinet Settings There are many different needs industrial utility cabinets can fill in a commercial setting. While there are a wide variety of stock designs available for utility cabinets that a facility can utilize, the need for a custom manufactured industrial or commercial utility cabinet can arise. Working with a Manufacturer to Build Custom Utility Cabinets First, it is important to find a manufacturer who has a long-standing history... Read More

Purchasing Commercial Utility Cabinets

Where Utility Cabinets are Used While utility cabinets are commonly used in garages, laundry rooms and other residential settings, they are more commonly utilized in commercial or industrial settings. As these are two very different settings, the needs for each location are quite different. Choosing Industrial Utility Cabinets The most important step when selecting industrial utility cabinets for use in a commercial setting is identifying the correct... Read More

NEMA-Rated Types of Electrical Utility Cabinets

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is a United States based association, created September 1, 1926 when the Associated Manufacturers of Electrical Supplies and the Electric Power Club merged. It is headquartered in Rosslyn, Virginia. NEMA is a non-profit trade organization, supported by manufacturers of electrical apparatus and supplies, and its standards alleviate misunderstandings and help potential buyers select the proper... Read More

Government Owned Data Centers: Everything From Ground Bars to Utility Cabinets

Data centers and other IT facilities have been facing a rising amount of criticism from environmental groups and the general public over the last few years, owing mainly to the amount of energy that they consume annually. In countries such as the United States it is said that data installations account for over 1.5 percent of all energy consumed by the nation every year which has forced many centers to refit their entire operation with new utility... Read More

Electrical Utility Cabinets: Evaluating Dynamic Properties

In March 2004 Sudhir Rusotogi and Abhinav Gupa published an article in the Journal of Structural Engineering that evaluated the Ritz vector approach for examining the dynamic properties of electrical utility cabinets. The basis of this suggestion, and therefore the prompt to conduct an experiment, was that a single, simple utility cabinet mode is sufficient to calculate accurate incabinet spectra needed in the seismic qualification of electrical instruments... Read More

Electrical Utility Cabinets and Ingress Protection Ratings (IP Code)- What You Need to Know

An electrical utility cabinet’s purpose is to house electrical or electronic equipment. This function is three-fold: 1) To mount switches, dials, and displays, 2) to prevent electrical shock to users, and 3) to protect the contents of the electrical utility cabinet from the environment. The electrical utility cabinet doesn’t just serve a practical function, but also is meant to be aesthetically pleasing or at least visually neutral. What... Read More

Electrical Utility Cabinets

Electrical utility cabinets house electronic equipment and instruments from unintentional contact, contaminants and interference. The contents of these utility cabinets are often sensitive components of electrical circuits and need to be protected from dust, dirt, water and other liquids. Accidental contact could cause bodily harm and damage the equipment itself. Without a proper shield, electromagnetic interference, or EMI, can disrupt the circuitry... Read More

Electrical Systems and Utility Cabinets

Anytime someone is working with electrical systems and components, care and safety must always be of primary concern. This includes when electrical systems and components will be stored or housed in utility cabinets that can safely and securely contain that type of equipment. Electrical Systems A main focus of any electrical system is the transformer. A transformer is a device that transfers electric power from one circuit to another circuit via inductive... Read More

Choosing Electrical Utility Cabinets

Choosing Electrical Utility Cabinets Choosing an electrical utility cabinet is much more than estimating the size needed. There are several important factors that should be part of the decision. Most utility cabinets will be used in industrial situations where the cabinet might be exposed to water, dust, corrosive chemicals or other unfriendly elements. The engineer tasked with specifying a cabinet should know the environment where the cabinet will... Read More

Choosing Electrical Utility Cabinets

Choosing an electrical utility cabinet is much more than estimating the size needed. There are several important factors that should be part of the decision. Most utility cabinets will be used in industrial situations where the cabinet might be exposed to water, dust, corrosive chemicals or other unfriendly elements. The engineer tasked with specifying a cabinet should know the environment where the cabinet will live. Is a sealed unit required? Is... Read More