Power Supply Manufacturer Tips on How to Handle a Natural Disaster

Advice from a Power Supply Manufacturer for Dealing With Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment

Unfortunately, with the weather taking center stage lately, and causing all forms of destruction – most of which is disastrous flooding – one particular item that usually succumbs to water damage is electrical equipment. No matter where your customer is, if they are a victim of major flooding, as a power supply manufacturer, you will encounter many panicky questions. When it comes to electrical systems, the most common ones that you’ll receive as a power supply manufacturer is whether the electrical equipment can be dried out? Also, are circuit breakers okay? And can switchboards be re-energized? Knowing these answers and providing support, as a power supply manufacturer, will go along way in helping you customer overcome catastrophe.

Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment: What the Power Supply Manufacturer Knows

The simplest rule of thumb is this: electrical equipment that has been submerged must be serviced or replaced. But the million-dollar question that everyone really wants to know is: what exactly can be saved and what must be scrapped? This is where a reputable, reliable power supply manufacturer can make a huge difference.

  • Attempting to dry out electrical equipment, in many cases will still leave portions of the current-carrying components with wet or damp surfaces.
  • Some electrical parts are difficult to dry because they may be in contact with insulators or other materials that prevent them from being completely dried out and cleaned of debris.
  • Residual debris or wet surfaces can also result in a loss of dielectric spacing within the equipment, which could produce a hazard upon re-energization.
  • Other hazardous conditions can also develop after re-energization, especially if untrained personnel try to dissemble and reassemble electrical equipment.

More Important Information from a Power Supply Manufacturer Regarding Submerged Electrical Equipment

  • For certain types of equipment, such as switchboards, switchgear and medium-voltage Circuit Breakers, reconditioning may be possible. However, the ability to do so will vary and may include repair or replacement of internal components or of the complete circuit breaker.
  • Important: trained factory service personnel who are familiar with equipment design and function should only perform disassembly.
  • If your customers have equipment located in flooded areas, but it was not submerged, it should be inspected by a qualified person to determine whether moisture has entered the enclosure. If there are any signs of moisture or damage, the equipment should be replaced or repaired.

Power Supply Manufacturer Considerations

The only thing that one can predict is that natural disasters and flooding caused by weather events are absolutely going to occur. It’s the when and where that we never know about. But no matter where it takes place, there will be customers who will need a reputable and honest power supply manufacturer to help them.

A power supply manufacturer should make resources readily available to help customers evaluate water-damaged equipment and make credible, honest recommendations.