Our Power Supply Manufacturer Gave Us Peace of Mind

On many occasions, my husband and I have been watching a movie with our children or eating a meal together when suddenly there is hour or two without power. This was never a huge issue, but it was still a hassle. Recently however, my husband’s aging mother moved in because of her terminal condition. As a result she uses various medical appliances that helped her to breathe. We basically had a hospital room in the comfort of our own home, but if the power went out for even thirty minutes, she could be in serious discomfort and danger.

My husband suggested that we should contact a power supply manufacturer that could handle our huge power requirements. We began by talking to a power supply manufacture and learning about our options. Although my husband an electrician was well versed in the functionality of various electrical components, this type of system was a whole other entity.

The company called, East Coast Power Systems helped us decide to install a generator that could be used as a backup power supply in the case of a power outage. East Coast Power Services was formed in January of 1999. A perfect compliment to East Coast Panelboard and East Coast Control & Automation, it is the final piece of the puzzle. Power Services supplies customers with warranty service, preventive maintenance, and emergency service. East Coast Power Services is also mobile and will provide customers with special delivery as well as on site installation instructions.

Power Services has also created its own place in the electrical market, providing work for such major manufacturers as General Electric, Siemens, and Westinghouse. This division’s capabilities have expanded to Commissioning, Startups, Modifications, Testing, and Solid State Retrofits.

East Coast Power Systems is committed to meeting and exceeding client’s expectations. If East Coast Power Systems does not have a standard product to meet the client’s needs, customization is available. A team of skilled electrical engineers is willing and able to manufacture custom parts, regardless of size.

East Coast Power Systems is proud of the Customization Department’s superior end-product. Their outstanding work ethic is aligned with the company credo, which is “Quality Products, Quick Lead Time, and Exceptional Customer Service”.

The power supply manufacture, East Coast Power Systems understood our needs and were able to help us come up with a solution that gives us peace of mind.