Switching to a new Power Supply Manufacturer

When a company decides to switch to a new power supply manufacturer, it can always be nerve-wracking time for everyone involved. It is important, therefore to take a thoughtful approach to the process and not make a rushed decision.

Looking for a new Power Supply Manufacturer

It is first important to identify exactly why a company wants to work with a new power supply manufacturer. If the possible move is related to a specific event or problem, it may be worthwhile to meet with the current power supply manufacturer to see if the issue can be rectified. If this is just one issue in a long history of problems, then it may be time to consider a new power supply manufacturer. Working with electricity and power supplies is serious; therefore, it is important that a company is 100 percent confident that their power supply manufacturer

When meeting with each new power supply manufacturer under consideration, it is important to communicate exactly why the company is moving away from their current manufacturer and inquire how the new manufacturer would have handled the specific issue. It can be related to anything from large and repeated cost increases to a quality control issue. By discussing the issue upfront with each power supply manufacturer under consideration, the issues will more than likely not develop into a problem down the road. It will also help the new power supply manufacturer better understand the expectations of their potential new customer.

It is always a good idea to meet with several power supply manufacturers as well as see the manufacturing facility of each power supply manufacturer. The company should feel comfortable with their manufacturing and quality control processes so they are confident they will receive quality power supplies.

Finally, it is a good idea to get a complete CSA (Customer Service Agreement) that outlines everything related to the ordering and manufacturing processes, as well as payment and communication expectations. Everything should be completely specified before signing on with a new power supply manufacturer.