Quality Checked Switchboards and Standards

National electrical Code of the U.S defines a switch board as a panel, large and single or an assembly of panels mounted on the face back or bath, buses, fuses overcurrent and other protective instruments and other instruments. The role of switchboards is to redirect electric power from a source to another. This actually through division of source current into smaller units before being further distributed to the gadgets. It also provides switching and protection against current overload.

Inside the switchboard there exists a large bank of buses made from aluminum and or copper. These data busses carry very large currents. Although many are bare, manufactures are resorting to the manufacture of insulate buses that only leave connection points to exposed. The power from these switchboards is supplied to gadgets step up or step down transformers, panel boards, control equipment and finally to the gadgets. It contains several safety measures that protect operators from electrocution like safety switches, control gadgets that control the current from sources it be from the main grid or from generators.

Switchboards are enclosed in a metallic enclosure .This enclosure ensures that no energized parts are exposed to access by unauthorized persons. This enclosure is grounded to enhance safety. Switch boards are classified into two, either as direct current or alternating current. Switchboards can also be classified as low voltage or high voltage. Therefore given the nature of gadgets operated by an industry, it can acquire any of the above that best suites its operations.

There are regulations followed in the manufacture of switchboards as demanded several regulatory bodies. These standards are set to ensure uniformity of all units. They also ensure that all units conform to the required safety standards which are very crucial for operation. With the insurgence of many players in the manufacture of switchboard business, it’s very important for industries to endure that the switchboards they buy have been manufactured by certified manufactures as that would ensure that they have been manufactured according to the required standards and therefore safe for use.

During their manufacture, switchboards are subjected to several quality checks. This includes the inspection respect to IEC standards beside company standards. Inspection is often in two phases, in process inspection and final inspection. These inspection process vary from manufacturer to another but there being standards governing them, they all deliver the same result. These inspection processes ensure that all units are safe and fit for use. Every unit is packaged with a user manual explaining the proper handling of the switchboards before, during and after installation. This ensures the gadgets safety and that of its operators.

Every industry employing the use of electric power in running its operations therefore ought to have a switchboards to redirect the power from the main grid or from the generators to its gadgets. A switchboard also ensures the safety of gadgets and that of personnel by reducing exposure to electrocution. It also eases the task of supplying power to gadgets as compared to other power redirecting methods; the use of switchboards is the most convenient.