Safety and the Switchgear Power System

A switchgear power system is a huge panel that contains a lot of switches, breakers, fuses and controls. This switchboard has one main purpose which is to protect and isolate the electrical tools and equipment that is attached and connected to the switchboard.

This switchboard can control the electric current that is going to all of the electric tools and devices. It is used when an overload occurs or something similar. It is used to cut off the electric current going to the malfunctioning device in order to allow the repairing process to be carried out safely so the workers will not be in any harm of being electrocuted.
Before the invention of switchboards, people used to control the electric current through open knife switches or levers. They were placed on insulated panels. These panels are made from marble or asbestos.

The lever or the knife would then be operated by hand. With the increasing voltage, it became very risky for operators to pull the knife by hand because of the danger of being electrocuted because the operator would be basically putting his hand very close to the electric current of the high voltage. This is why they invented the switchboard where all the plugs and panels are controlled electrically by the click of a button. This way the operator is isolated away from the electric current.

switchboards also gives you the ability to closely monitor and control the volts coming from outside to your electrical system. This is due to the fact that if the volts that are entering your system are too many, this will cause serious damage to the devices and appliances. The switchboard will alert you and help you monitor this to avoid any damage to your appliances. A lot of us have spotted these huge sub-stations that are located near our homes. These sub-stations are very vital because whenever bad weather hits us that cause any malfunctions or damage to the power lines and the electricity network, these sub stations cut the electric current from the network.

This way the workers and the repairmen can work safely without being electrocuted. Also these sub-stations are surrounded by cyclone fences that are located far away from them. These fences should not be touched or climbed because they can electrocute you. If you see workers climbing them, it is because they are professionals who know what they are doing.
They are also equipped with special gear that protects them. This is why you should stay as far as possible from these fences and these substations. If you spot any problems at these stations, you are advised to call the electricity company and they will deal with it.