Uses for Industrial or Commercial Utility Cabinets

When an individual or private consumer thinks of or needs to purchase utility cabinets, they usually think of storage space for their laundry room or garage. Utility cabinets that are utilized in a commercial or industrial setting, however, are very different and must meet much more specific needs and industry standards.

Commercial and Industrial Utility Cabinets

Commercial and industrial utility cabinets can be utilized in a variety of different ways on a shop or plan floor. Selecting the right type of utility cabinet will vary based on several different factors; including the type, size and weight of the equipment to be housed inside, the security level required for the utility cabinets and what type of access for employees and authorized personnel the utility cabinets require.

For example, safety storage utility cabinets will need to be tamper-resistant, well-hinged and have reinforced door panels and spaces for padlocks. If a facility requires utility cabinets to be easily accessible, the facility management may want to purchase mobile utility cabinets or carts. These often have features that include strong and stable wheels so the utility cabinets can be moved both easily and securely. They will also have solid wheel brakes to avoid unexpected rolling that could ultimately cause injury to an employee or damage the equipment stored inside. Additionally, mobile utility cabinets should also have solid doors that are well-hinged with varying sizes of compartments to keep equipment and their accessories organized. Just like safety cabinets, they also often have locking mechanisms available in order to keep the equipment stored inside secure. If stationary utility cabinets are needed by a plant or facility, many of the previously mentioned features will be important, as well as making sure the selected utility cabinets are functional and safe. If utility cabinets will be utilized outside in the elements, they will need to be corrosive-resistant and secure from potential theft.

Selecting Industrial Utility Cabinets

As mentioned previously, it is important facility management consider all the needs of both personnel and equipment when selecting new utility cabinets for future shop floor use. Additionally, it is important to seek out a variety of different companies that can provide commercial and industrial utility cabinets in order to have competitive bidding.

If the exact need cannot be fulfilled by purchasing standard utility cabinets, it may require a facility’s management to seek out different manufacturers to have custom manufactured utility cabinets created for them. If a specific facility works in a very specialized area, it may make the most sense to have utility cabinets custom designed and manufactured so the facility’s employees can be as productive as possible while keeping equipment housed safely and securely.

Regardless of the need for utility cabinets in a facility, it is important that plant management take all needs into consideration in order to make a purchase that makes the most sense for the equipment and facility personnel so the cabinets have a long life-span.