What are Industrial Circuit Breakers Anyway?

Industrial circuit breakers are often utilized in just about every piece of manufacturing machinery today. The use of industrial circuit breakers has been more widely adapted since the mid 1990′s. According to a report by the Electricity Commission, people have become more aware of power fluctuation issues and the potential safety issues they can cause.

Industrial circuit breakers

Short circuits are considered a fluctuation or damage in the wires inside junction boxes, which can result in fire bursts or could even lead to severe damage in factories and industrial facilities. These short circuits can be prevented, however, through the use of modern industrial Circuit Breakers. Industrial circuit breakers act as a detachment between the wires, which stops the potential collision between within the wires. Industrial circuit breakers are very effective in stopping potential electric current fluctuation as they are regularly tested and have been proven to be incredibly safe.

Some industrial circuit breakers are known as MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers). Through the use of MCBs, shocks and heavy eruptions caused due to power fluctations can be prevented. The use of MCBs is automated and doe not require any external source. These industrial circuit breakers are designed in accordance with the voltage variability and the type of technology or machinery in use. Smaller MCBs can contain a breaker enclosure where all circuits are located. The breaker enclosure is very similar to the enclosures used in larger industrial circuit breakers.

In larger-scale industries, which have excess power, the breakers are made with “relays,” also known as “pilot devices.” These devices are often used to detect a fault condition that helps in opening the trip. The trip is an important part in breaking the circuit. A solenoid is usually used for the trip. The main role of the solenoid is to produce a magnetic field when a power or current supply passes through. Once a false condition is identified, the breaker must involve separating the circuits to control the excess fluctuation issue.

Industrial circuit breakers are an incredibly important part of the safety of any facility’s electrical system in order to protect both people and property.