Power Services for Data Centers Power Usage Estimates Better Than Predicted

Power Consumption for Data Centers

It was originally predicted that because of the growing need for internet and computing services that the US power consumption would double. However, recent studies have demonstrated that energy efficient power services for data centers have reduced the overall national consumption of power. Even with a global shift towards cloud computing services, the power requirements are balanced by the use of efficient power services for data centers.

Green Power Services for Data Centers

Solar farms, wind driven power, these are technologies that are now being implemented by some of the larger companies in an effort to reduce their use of electricity. Even though these technologies have been around for years, the means to use it effectively for computing was not. Now, companies like IBM are using solar power on an unprecedented scale. Already, the company is powering close to 20% of its data center in India with solar power. The combination of innovative power reduction by companies like IBM and the existing technology of power services for data centers may be able to keep national power consumption at acceptable levels while meeting the needs of the booming field of cloud computing.

A Solution to a Power Problem

IBM’s solar power experiment may be the first of its kind in scale and use, but it may be the next step in power services for data centers. As labor costs and property values are lower in other parts of the world, setting up data centers abroad has become the trend. However, many cities overseas do not have the infrastructure capable of sustaining massive data centers. The IBM experiment in power their data center with solar power may change that. Using power services for data centers which are independent from local areas power grid, not only reduces dependence on fossil fuels, but also lowers utility costs. Even if on the grid, companies could possibly make money form selling back stored power to the local utility.

Affordable Power Services for Data Centers

Not every company has the resources of an IBM, but there are inexpensive options available that can lower consumption of electricity for power services for data centers. Innovative companies like IBM are in good company in the US. These first steps to self-sustaining electrical power from solar and wind are making it possible for other companies to think of green in a new way.

The power equipment is available for all kinds of new experiments in power consumption reduction as well as alternate means to generate electricity. It just takes a company interested in advancing technology and a desire to leave a lower carbon footprint. With tax incentives for reducing carbon footprints and lowering power consumption, corporations of virtually any size can follow the example of IBM, if not with solar power, then at least with more efficient power hardware. Customizations to power equipment for data centers are now available and can be used to optimize power usage at very reasonable rates for any sized company.