Panelboards for Elevator Controls in Buildings

In order for elevators to work properly, there has to be behind the scenes equipment to keep it operational. The controls are kept in panelboards to be accessed only by maintenance staff. Elevators are common in most buildings from corporate offices to hospitals to apartment complexes, and panelboards are necessary for keeping all of the operational controls contained, safe, and accessible only by the correct people.

What is Kept in Elevator Control Panelboards?

The switches and controls kept behind elevator control panelboards are absolutely necessary for the operation of the elevator. There are switches that turn the elevator on and off, a switch for the person in charge of inspection to put the elevator in inspection mode, and other types of switches. Manual operational buttons and switches are also located in this area.

Elevator Control Panelboards Meeting Strict Building Codes and Guidelines

Elevator control panelboards in every building has to meet strict building codes and guidelines. All elevator control panelboards have to be made to comply with the rules of the state. Every state has different building codes that must be followed and the rules vary depending on the type of building. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) is involved with developing the rules and standards for this type of equipment. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Electrical Code (NEC) also develop elevator codes and standards for buildings and electrical wiring and equipment, respectively.

Convenience of Elevator Control Panelboards

Choosing the correct panelboard for elevator controls can help save time and space. The time for installation as well as the amount of space that the equipment takes up can be reduced if the panelboards are already made to fit the standards and codes for the building. Some panelboards for elevator controls are designed to hold the elevator feeder for multiple elevators at the same time and in the same area. The elevator control panelboard can be custom-built in order to fit the area perfectly. Whether it is an existing space or a newly built area, the panelboard manufacturer can supply the elevator control panelboard with the correct measurements and specifications.

Safety and Security of Elevator Control Panelboards

Elevator control panelboards should not be accessible at all by the public. Only authorized personnel should be able to access them. As with anything that involves electricity, it can be dangerous and harmful to anyone who is not trained and certified to work with this type of equipment. Trained professionals who are trained to inspect the equipment should not work on the equipment when it is energized.

Inspection of Elevator Control Panelboards

Elevator controls need to be inspected on a periodic basis to make sure that they are working properly. Depending on how often the elevator is being used and operated, it should be checked at a minimum of every six months. The maintenance person who is conducting the inspection needs to be able to easily access the elevator controls in the panelboard and be kept out of danger when working on it.