Anniversary of Sandy at East Coast Power

The one-year anniversary of “Superstorm Sandy” on October 29, 2013, was cause for many New York and New Jersey residents, businesses, and other organizations to reflect on this historic Storm and its aftermath. All of these individuals, families, and businesses have shown a remarkable amount of strength and resiliency throughout the duration of the past year. Most are taking a moment to step back and remember the traumatic events that occurred one year ago. Sadly, Hurricane Sandy was responsible for over 200 deaths and caused upwards of 60 billion dollars in damage in the United States alone. Close to five million people were left without power, in some instances for weeks, in the NY, NJ, PA, and CT regions. Power outages displaced thousands of residents and left businesses and institutions of all sizes unable to operate, but East Coast Power Systems was here to help.

During the aftermath of the storm, East Coast Power Systems was able to resume operations in two days and fortunate enough to be ready to help a large number of businesses with their immediate emergency electrical power needs.  East Coast provided electrical equipment to a wide range of businesses that included hospitals, large data centers, financial institutions, and corporate offices as well as small businesses such as local food stores and pizzerias.

The New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York ordered temporary panelboards from East Coast Power Systems that allowed both institutions to be operational just two days after the Storm.   Many other businesses needed East Coast to design and retrofit internal electrical equipment that could be quickly installed without needing to replace existing electrical cabinets and boxes.

East Coast also custom engineered equipment solutions that fit the existing building infrastructures, and in some cases, actually assembled and installed equipment on-site to get around Storm debris or to fit the space limitations of older buildings establishments.

East Coast received its first electrical equipment request just hours after Sandy hit and during the following three month-period, dedicated East Coast employees completed almost 400 Sandy related projects.  East Coast also received a large influx of orders for our Cam Lock Generator Cabinets to ensure back-up power and in preparation for potential, future catastrophes.  Generator Cabinets are now part of our regular standard, in stock, product line and custom cam lock Generator Cabinets can still be designed for special application requirements.

We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication from our employees that enabled us to meet, and often to exceed, our own expectations and standards by custom designing, manufacturing, and quickly delivering unique electrical equipment solutions to our customers during this critical and difficult period.

We are all grateful that we were able to help countless businesses and institutions during the immediate aftermath of the Storm and we thank the many individuals who chose East Coast Power Systems to help with their rebuilding process.  We wish them all continued success during this ongoing period of recovery.

Please call with any further inquiries (732- 739-6400).