Understanding Power Services for Data Centers

When planning the construction of a data center regardless of business size, there are many different factors that need to be considered. Quite possibly one of the most important considerations, however, is understanding the options of power services for data centers.

How Power Services for Data Centers Differ from Standard Power Services

Providing an appropriate level of power services for data centers is often the most expensive aspect to building and maintaining any data center properly, regardless of its size. If options for power services are not analyzed properly from the initial project proposal, having the location serve as an appropriate data center is doomed to fail. The planning should not just review and identify current power and server levels, but future use as a business grows and data center needs increase.

While the obvious, and most important, need is to provide power to the equipment housed within the data center, it is not that simple. There are several additional items to consider during the planning phase of a data center. For example, what cooling system should be used to help avoid overheating of equipment is an important aspect of the project to review. It is also important to identify and inventory power requirements for each of the different types of equipment in use and how each piece of equipment interacts with each other during its daily use. It is also important to consider the physical space of the planned location and how easy or difficult it will be to make size and layout adjustments in the future. This type of analysis will help paint a clear picture of what power services for data centers make the most sense.

Power services for data centers also need to provide for a UPS – uninterrupted power supply. This is an incredibly important part of every data center. This equipment ensures a steady supply of electricity is provided to the data center during a power outage. The extra time this equipment provides is critical so IT department personnel to properly shut down all equipment in sequence, thus preserving the important data housed inside. Without a UPS, along with a complete shutdown procedure in place, data center equipment is susceptible to damage during a power failure.

Speaking with Power Services for Data Centers Professionals

It is always important to consult with power professionals when deciding on >power services for data centers. These individuals will have the expertise in various power systems, as well as their limitations, so the appropriate power system and backup system is selected for the planned data center. They will also understand all the ancillary aspects associated with planning and building a successful data center. By building in a proper amount of time to consult with these professionals, the data center planned will be able to support, adapt, and grow as a business grows, ensuring long-term success.